April Celebrations!

By Jessica Diamond April is a time of celebration with holidays spanning different religions. Here is a breakdown of what major holidays are happening this month. Ramadan – April 2 to May 1, 2022  Ramadan is the holy month of fasting, reflection, and prayer for more than one billion Muslims around the [...]

Love your lungs

By Laura McDonald Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers and it is the leading cause of cancer death in Ontario. In 2020, it was expected that 10,592 people would be diagnosed with lung cancer in Ontario and that 7,124 people would die from lung cancer.1 The good news is that [...]

Creative Corner

- March 2022 - Artwork created by students at Art City in St. James Town.  Students drew self-portraits, their dreams for the future, or things they either enjoyed most or missed during the pandemic.  Art City is a not-for-profit organization that provides free arts programming to local children and youth.  . . [...]

Volunteers’ Spotlight

Advocate for equality  By Nina Badwal - February 2022 - Tatyanna Watts wants to make sure that no one is left behind. She has been volunteering for the St. James Town Community Corner for about a year as a Community Outreach Ambassador. As an African-Canadian, her mission is to connect Black folks [...]

Volunteers’ Spotlight

By Lovlyn Dsouza Lovlyn Dsouza is a resident of St. James Town and volunteers frequently in her community. Currently she is a member of the St. James Town Community Corner’s steering committee. The following are her thoughts on volunteering, given at The Corner’s Volunteer Appreciation event in November 2021. . I [...]