Healthy meals for back-to-school

By Lindiwe Sibanda Consuming a range of wholesome foods from each of the five food groups is the key to good nutrition. Eating foods from each of the following dietary groups will help your body get all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function. Dairy or a dairy substitute: These foods are great providers of calcium, which is necessary for strong, healthy bones. Fruit: Fruits are an excellent source of [...]

Cancer Awareness article

By Laura McDonald Did you know that you can learn about your personal risk for up to six types of cancer and what you can do to help lower your risk with My CancerIQ? Designed by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario), My CancerIQ is a website where people can complete a series of [...]

Swimming Safety

By Lindiwe Sibanda Swimming injuries, drownings, and deaths can all be avoided by adhering to a few simple safety regulations. These laws apply to all bodies of water, including private pools and baths, as well as the beach or lake. It's crucial to use caution at home, at swimming pools, and when on [...]

The Acronym

By Rowan Flood The google definition of an acronym is an "abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word." In a sense, acronyms are bits of words that become words themselves. Words have power and meaning, they change alongside our world. LGBTQ+ is an acronym formed from [...]

April Celebrations!

By Jessica Diamond April is a time of celebration with holidays spanning different religions. Here is a breakdown of what major holidays are happening this month. Ramadan – April 2 to May 1, 2022  Ramadan is the holy month of fasting, reflection, and prayer for more than one billion Muslims around the [...]

Love your lungs

By Laura McDonald Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers and it is the leading cause of cancer death in Ontario. In 2020, it was expected that 10,592 people would be diagnosed with lung cancer in Ontario and that 7,124 people would die from lung cancer.1 The good news is that [...]