The extra hour of light

By: Rowan Flood

Starting on March 12, the sunrise and sunset will be one hour later. At 2 a.m. the clocks will change to 3 a.m. The change of time is referred to as Daylight Savings Time or Spring Forward.

While an hour’s change doesn’t seem like much, it does mean longer evenings and darker early mornings, which to many is quite noticeable. The reason for time change is to “maximize the sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere,” as explained by Maya Wei-Haas in the National Geographic. Supposedly, one is supposed to have more daylight after work yet the impact ranges for everyone. Some may cherish the sunlight to have more time for hobbies and activities, while others may find it a nuisance as the body struggles to adjust. However, no matter what someone’s personal feelings are toward the switch, it will happen in Toronto.

So what do you do about it? St. James Town is situated in a unique part of Toronto: offering quick access to the downtown, public resources and public parks. An extra hour of light in this part of Toronto can mean endless possibilities.

Potential To-Dos:

Watch sunset in Riverdale Park East or West: About a fifteen minute walk from St. James Town are two large parks facing each other. They’re separated by the Don River but are connected by a bridge, making them both easy to access.  While the west park offers picturesque skyline views of the city, the east park has a baseball diamond, grassy hills and much open space. Perhaps a picnic or a stop for ice cream could be a simple way to enjoy the lingering sun. The small bridge that connects the parks also provides access to an easy walking trail alongside the river.

Explore Don Valley trails: Trails located only minutes walking distance away from St. James Town offer fresh air, quiet space and lots of exploring. The trails are paved in parts, making rollerblading, hiking or skateboarding all possible. The Don Valley River Park installs various art installations within the park making a visit full of nature and artistic expression.

Enjoy activities at Wellesley Community Center: The Center on the edge of St. James Town has various drop-in and registered programs for all ages. The time slots are throughout the entire day making an evening swim or after work soccer or volleyball game a great way to take advantage of your extra day time.

Visit Riverdale Farm: Located in Cabbage town, the animal filled farm is walking distance away from St. James Town. Open from 9 am to 5 pm, the farm makes a great afternoon outing. If animals aren’t of interest, they also have flower and herb gardens.

Perhaps you won’t notice the time change, maybe you will simply sleep or read your book for an extra hour. While there is no right or wrong option, it is an opportunity to let extra sunlight shine on the beauties of the neighborhood and to take a step back and look towards the upcoming spring and summer. However, in the end the hour is yours.

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