Young Residents’ Perspectives on St. James Town Community Corner

By: Adewunmi Agunloye

The St. James Town Community Corner (The Corner) is an innovative center developed for the benefit of the community.

The Corner is located at 200 and 240 Wellesley Street in East Toronto and offers services to seniors, immigrants, and kids. The Corner offers programs all year long in collaboration with governmental and non-profit organizations.

Through available educational, artistic, and developmental programs, kids can hone their cognitive abilities. There are programs for kids in science, art, and reader’s theatre. Others include coding classes and diorama classes, to name a few.

The focus of this piece is on two of the St. James Town Community’s kids. In this interview, Viraj Bombe and Ritika Raju Jadhav discussed their time at The Corner, their successes, and their goals for the future.

 Viraj Bombe is my name. Student in year two at Rose Avenue School. I’m in science class and my favorite subjects are math and social studies. I like cars, so I want to be an automotive engineer in the future.

I visit St. James’ Corner every week for my science lesson, where I gain a lot of knowledge. Every week I learn something new in my science lesson, which helps me in the classroom.

 “Meeting other kids who share my passion for science during our weekly lessons brings me so much joy. I always look forward to it,” he shared.

I also want to work as an automotive engineer and race car driver. I likewise enjoy baseball, because I like to play baseball.

 Third-year student Ritika Raju Jadhav from Church Street Public School talked about his aspirations for the future and said he wanted to be a professional photographer. I enjoy taking images of my family, cats, and other animals, she declared.

I frequently visit The Corner to practice the piano and study art. I appreciate everything about St. James Town Community Corner, and learning the piano is enjoyable.

I look forward to visiting St. James Town Community Corner every week as I am always delighted to learn new things about art.

My hobbies are playing with my cat and cycling. Basketball is something else I like, although I’ve never played.

Every week, I eagerly anticipated going to the Corner to learn art and play the piano.  If we have piano or art classes, the staff always cares for us. This was Ritika’s conclusion.

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