Jewelry workshop turns paper waste to paper beads

By: Karen F

Looking for an innovation outlet to let your individual style shine through that also strives to be environmentally friendly?

Now is the time to get out in the early evening, meet new people and learn something new at your neighbourhood Jewelry Workshop at The Corner.  Be impressed with the recycling, repairs, shared learning and fun activities available!

I am able to share my love of recycling by making paper and fabric beads. Others share their skills such as macrame, metal working, and bead weaving.
 We use ‘junk mail’, flyers, magazines, wrapping paper, and scraps of fabric and turn them into beads! It helps to lessen our waste management problem where recycling and upcycling play essential roles in our society.
Making paper and fabric beads produces a creative, beautiful unique handcrafted item.

This week we did a ‘make and take’ workshop. Everyone put into practice the skills taught so far by various members – macrame, colour coordination, mixing and making our paper/fabric beads. This allowed everyone to take pride in their work with their own custom design that is fun to make, interesting and thoughtful (not to mention lightweight and comfortable to wear).

We strive to wear and dare to make a difference…..and have fun sharing and exploring innovative ideas.

Karen, member of The Jewelry Workshop

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