Tips on staying warm for the winter

Hot tea to stay warm

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As the temperature drops and the days get colder, we begin to prepare for the winter season. For most folks, that involves bringing out the winter gear, however, there is a lot more we can do to stay warm during the colder months.  

Here are some tips on how your winter can be a little cozier indoors and outside the home:. 

Seal your windows and doors 

Inspect possible gaps around windows and doors to check for any air leakage. Use foam tape around windows with cracks and place a door snake by the bottoms of doors to prevent the cold air from seeping into the home. Click here to learn how to make your own DIY door snake. 

DIY Draft stopper

Move anything that’s blocking heating vents or radiators 

Furniture and other items blocking heat ventilators or radiators will not only block the heat from warming up your home but also will wear down the heater over time. Move any items away from the heaters to allow the arm air to circulate your home. 

Heat up your bed 

Use materials that will best insulate your body when sleeping, such as flannel, fleece and cotton. Additionally, you can place hot water bottles under your sheets before going to bed to make it even more cozy. 

a woman sleeping in a cozy warm bed

Layer up! 

The easiest, most effective way to stay warm in winter is by layering up on the clothing you wear outside. Consider wearing multiple thin layers underneath your jacket instead of one thick layer. The multiple layers of clothing will act as insulation to trap your body heat inside your jacket.  

Fuzzy Socks 

If you are someone with constantly cold feet, consider wearing socks indoors and in bed as this can help relax your body and improve blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels in your feet. Microfiber socks are lightweight, soft, and an affordable alternative to cotton socks.  

Fuzzy socks

Stay hydrated 

Drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated in the colder months helps the body regulate its temperature. When it comes to hydration, both cold and hot liquids are fine, but hot beverages are great for keeping the hands, mouth, and stomach warm! 

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