St. James Town Community Corner as I see It

By Adewunmi Agunloye

While looking at the St. James Community Corner situated at 200 and 240 Wellesley Street East from afar, one will not be able to know how important this innovative hub is to the entire St. James Town community and its neighborhoods. 

Not until I joined the organization as a communication and social media worker. By the time I was briefed about the loads of people centered programs, activities and events that The Corner undertakes for the benefits of the people of the community, ranging from the seniors, kids, youth and everyone in that community, I was more than excited that this is a place to be. 

The inclusivity and non-discriminatory gesture being operated at “The Corner has distinguished it as one of the best of its kind in Toronto and has attracted many partners who are always willing to collaborate, support or be involved in the numerous programs, be it on health and wellness support, social support, empowerment, education, nutrition and many other programs, activities and events. 

Some of the programs include the wellness clinic, prevention and early intervention program, primary health care case management, mental health counseling, health access LGBTQ newcomer’s programs, settlement housing support, outreach community engagement, parenting workshop, sewing class, repair workshop, drama class for the kids, learn and earn a personal computer, yoga class, green market, Filipino seniors Zumba class, Chinese senior program among many other programs. 

From Monday to Saturday of every week, there are programs, activities and events going on at The Corner at 200 and 240. No dull moments at the St. James Town Community Corner. 

At the St. James Town Community Corner, I see innovation, selfless service to the community, inclusiveness, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, volunteers and ambassadors who are always eager to support the people.  

The Corner is a welcoming space trying to make life easier for the people: the seniors, kids and the younger ones as well as the newcomers to Canada. 

When you are at St. James Town and you have not been at The Corner, you would have missed what the Town and the Community have in stock. 

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