Health Access

List of HAWG members :

  • Sherbourne Community Health Centre (Lead)
  • Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office
  • St. James Town Community Corner (Primary intake and service hub)
  • Progress Place
  • Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services
  • Central Neighborhood House
  • Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, CHC
  • Yonge Street Mission
  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Hospice Toronto
  • Fred Victor
  • Toronto Community Care Access Centres (CCAC)
  • Anishnwabe Community Health Centre
  • Toronto Public Health
  • Youthdale Treatment Centres
  • Hincks-Dellcrest
  • St. Michael’s Hospital

Health Access St. James Town (HASJT) seeks to establish a neighborhood based, client-focused model of integrated, collaborative care through inter-sectoral service coordination, service enhancement and community development.

HASJT is an initiative of the TC LHIN, led by Sherbourne Health Centre in partnership with 16 health and social service organizations who form the Health Access Working Group (HAWG). Members of the HAWG are a part of the St James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN) and form the Executive Committee of the Health Access St. James Town (HASJT) initiative.

HASJT connects all residents, but with a specific focus on those who are high need and disconnected to health and social services through a common standardized intake and assessment referral form.  The Corner is the primary intake and referral hub for the initiative. Almost 200 people are connected to services through this process on a quarterly basis. Apart from The Corner, intake staff also visit other sites in St. James Town to provide intake and referral services. These include schools, shelters, senior buildings, private buildings etc.,  As there are a number of services available at The Corner,  many of the residents are directed to these services making the service access timely  and convenient. Referrals are also made to services and organisations beyond St. James Town as needed.   HASJT  partner organisations prioritize referrals received from HASJT Intake Workers. There are front-line staff at each partner organization that HASJT Intake Workers work closely with (eg. HASJT point people) in order to ensure a seamless and efficient warm transfer. HASJT Point person meetings happen quarterly. HASJT also partners with The Corner and the SJTPN to build community capacity by providing training, orientation and skill building opportunities to outreach ambassadors in the community.

The integration of The Corner and HASJT has helped coordinate access and the provision of care in a seamless and efficient manner.

For more information on HASJT please contact or contact the Chair or Co-chair

To connect with an intake worker, please visit: or call 647.527.6983. Someone will respond to you within 2 business days.

Health Access St. James Town also partners with SPN and SPN sub-committees to lead community engagement and health-promotion initiatives in the St. James Town community. The Spring Gathering is an annual community consultation that takes place in St. James Town with the objective of gathering resident feedback around programs and service delivery. It is led by Health Access St. James Town (HASJT) in partnership with the St. James Town Service Providers Network (SJTSPN). This report summarizes the 2017 Spring Gathering thematic feedback, as well as future program planning recommendations