Stop body shaming

By: Shams Al-hajjar

In this article, I want to talk about a very serious and huge problem faced by almost every girl in this world, especially teenagers. Today, many girls wish to be in the best shape and get fit bodies. Unfortunately, lots of social media influencers, such as BlackPink, make girls want to have a body exactly like theirs. 

There are many different body types and many of us, no matter how much we might try, will never look the way some of these social media influencers do.  The problem is that a lot of girls who don’t have the “perfect” body are getting body shamed by other people at school, in public, and even on social media. This can make them want to eat less and lose weight to look skinnier, even if this makes them less healthy.

The point of this article is to tell girls that no matter how much you weigh, it’s not going to make you any better or any worse. All girls look beautiful in their own ways and it’s not about the body being skinny or fat that makes you feel great or prettier. Love yourself and your body. Don’t worry what people say or think about your body because the way you look, doesn’t make you a good or a bad person.

By : Shams Al-hajjar

 “Beauty Standards

“Her eyes are blue while your eyes are brown, hers represents the ocean while yours represents the ground, you never liked your eyes and wanted them to be blue. This is what society made us do. What do I see when I’m looking at me? I see a girl that wants to be free. 

It’s not about the straight hair, I don’t have the thighs, my lashes aren’t perfect, and I feel so shy. “Slim down, eat less, suck in, have chests,” all these words are constantly whispered down my neck. It makes me ask myself, am I good enough yet? 

Does my skinniness offend you? Do my curves affect you? Society is like a game, always telling me to change. Now all I’m left with is some pain. What do I do because society tells me I’m not pretty if I don’t overdue. Let me be that voice inside your head, that says don’t be a Barbie nor a ken. You are so precious, you are a gem, I see your beauty, the end.

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