Valentine’s Day simple crafts

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your significant other that you care about them. It can be done in a sustainable way as well as with some creativity.

We wanted to show you one way to do it.

To make a simple token of love you will need some red colored flyers, a ruler and some scissors.

1. Cut the red flyer pages into squares that measure 7” by 7”.
2.Fold the page in the center diagonally and open it back up.

3.Fold the flaps to be aligned with the line that you have created. – You just made an origami kite base.

4. Make sure that the red side of your paper is on the inside of the figure. Turn the flaps to the back side if this is not the case.

5.Fold the flaps back as shown.

6.Fold the shape in half as shown.

7. Fold the corners.
8. Your secret love message is ready! Now you can put it in any place where it could be found by your loved one: a book, shirt pocket, tablet cover.

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