Adventure Time

By Rowan Flood

Traveling and going on trips are great ways to see the world, learn new things and appreciate life. Traveling is also a luxury. Leaving work, your home and going somewhere different can be costly and timely, yet it is something most people enjoy and deserve. Traveling is an adventure that people should cherish, and there are ways to prepare for trips to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Preparing for a trip, no matter the length requires some planning. The first thing to organize is transportation to your destination. If you’re taking a plane, train or bus, it is best to purchase tickets before your trip. When purchasing a plane ticket, take some time to look at a few different websites to find the best deal. Kyle Potter wrote on thriftytraveler that there aren’t necessarily certain days of the week to buy a ticket that will be cheapest but more so days of departure and return that generally are more affordable to fly on, such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. If tickets are online, ensure you read the instructions to see if they must be printed or activated at certain times. Taking a screenshot of your e-ticket can also help in case there is no internet access when you need to show it.

When packing for a trip, try to plan for the weather but also some level of unpredictability. Perhaps the destination is hot, but summer storms can also make for sudden bouts of rain.  Imagine yourself at your destination and getting there. Will you want to read a new book? Perhaps you want to take memorable pictures or bring a journal to document your experience and surroundings.

Preparing for the unexpected is also one of the beautiful parts of exploring. During your time away, unforeseen things will happen. You will miss a ferry and be stuck for an extra two hours, or the restaurant you want to go to will be closed. Yet these events will force new ones to happen, making room for stronger memories and spontaneous choices. Enjoy the unexpected, and don’t let it bring you down.

There are also ways to create adventure and shift the order of our daily lives that aren’t as extreme as international flights or cross-country road trips. Seeing an art show in Hamilton or the famous Niagara Falls are ways to allow adventure into your life without leaving it altogether.

The benefit of living in a large city like Toronto is the efficient and wide-ranging transit. The GO Transit system allows for reasonably priced access to many smaller cities and towns in the surrounding area. This system has a “Plan your Trip” option, enabling you to enter your location or departure city and your desired destination, showing you all your travel options. Toronto Island Park is close, convenient, and packed with awaiting opportunities. Tickets for the ferry are around 8$, with a return included. The island has beaches, bike rentals, playgrounds, and much more, making for a great solo trip, family days, or time with friends.

Traveling doesn’t have to be extensive or costly; it can be short periods of exploration that can create a lifetime of remembrances.

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