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My Cancer IQ questionnaires poster

Laura McDonald

Did you know that you can learn about your personal risk for up to six types of cancer and what you can do to help lower your risk with My CancerIQ?

Designed by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario), My CancerIQ is a website where people can complete a series of confidential questionnaires to learn about their risk for breast, cervical, colorectal, kidney, lung, and melanoma cancer.

Completing a My CancerIQ questionnaire will help people learn:

  • What they can do to lower their risk of developing cancer
  • What factors increase the risk of cancer
  • How to find helpful cancer prevention and screening resources
My Cancer IQ questionnaires poster
My Cancer IQ questionnaires poster
My Cancer IQ questionnaires poster

At the end of each questionnaire, people will receive a risk assessment and action plan with tips and resources based on their personal risk factors. People can choose to save, email or print their results. The action plan also encourages people to speak to a healthcare provider about cancer prevention and screening. If someone does not have a healthcare provider, they can visit Health Care Connect for assistance.

My CancerIQ questionnaires can be found here or by visiting To protect people’s personal information, answers are deleted as soon as the browser session is ended. This data will not be stored anywhere on a server and no one else will be able to see the information or results.

My CancerIQ won’t tell you whether you’ll get cancer or not, but it can help you focus on making healthy changes that can lower your cancer risk and live a healthier life!

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