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About The Corner

In May 2011, the St. James Town Community Corner at 200 Wellesley opened its doors. The Corner is a fully accessible set of offices, meeting spaces, program rooms and community kitchen dedicated to local initiatives and services to benefit the neighbourhood. This collaboration between residents, public and private funders and service providers is a unique St. James Town community success story.

Operating out of the Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) building, at 200 Wellesley St. E., the facility was formed by a local steering committee after consulting with the community, and it is the result of more than five years of effort by local resident volunteers in partnership with a number of service providers. All are committed to improve access for St. James Town residents to services, supports and opportunities to meet, plan and build a strong, healthy neighbourhood.

“Racism is a public health crisis” – Martin Luther King Jr. St. James Town Community Corner (The Corner) and the St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN) stand in solidarity with the black communities and their leaders and are committed to critical engagement for the advancement of equitable public health at frontline, community and systemic levels. Click here to read the full statement.


Healthy, vibrant and thriving community with a strong sense of belonging.


The St. James Town Community Corner fosters community engagement and improves community well-being by providing access to inclusive space, green initiatives, facilitating an integrated continuum of services and programs, building community partnerships, and advocating to address systemic neighborhood issues.


Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

Community Development and Empowerment

  • Reach most residents/ Stakeholders in all of the buildings in SJT.

  • Engage residents  in governance of committees working towards community development in SJT.

  • Facilitate residents feeling, greater sense of ownership and showing more commitment.

Integrated Services Over a Continuum

  • Facilitate high quality integrated services over continuum.

  • Increase the number of collaborative services.

  • Enhance referral pathways through multiple access points.

Partnership and

  • Develop new partnerships with stakeholders (non-traditional) such as BIA, police.

  • Set up a system to evaluate partnership impact at neighbourhood level.

Advocacy and Addressing Systemic Issues

  • Foster strategic relationships with media personnel and promote St. James Town positively.

  • Community is taking lead in advocating for neighbourhood issues.

The Corner @ 240

St. James Town is a vibrant and growing community, and on the 9th of August the neigbourhood launched the City’s first Share and Reuse Hub, the 240 Share & Reuse Space. Located at 240 Wellesley, the Share & Reuse Space aims to support a culture of reusing, sharing, repairing and repurposing items to prolong their life.

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Programs and Activities During the Pandemic


Health Access St. James Town

(Health and Social Services)

At the corner residents can get access to several services aimed at the physical, mental, social and financial well being of residents. Health Access St. James Town refers you to appropriate services within or outside The Corner based on your  specific requirements.

Primary Health

Dealing with a health issues? Need help with health and social services?

Diabetic Clinic

Are you diabetic? Do you need guidance or diet and nutrition?


Do you feel down, sad or lonely and need to talk to someone?

Case Management

Personalized support and guidance through life’s ups and downs.

Housing Support

Are you looking for affordable homes or shelter homes?

Employment Support

Are you looking for a job, need career advice or want help with your resume?

Settlement Support

Are you a newcomer to Canada and looking to connect with services and the community?

Senior Support

Are you 55+ years old and looking for support and care?

Front Area Services

At the corner the residents can gain access to variety of services during the Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm.

Residents can get access to basic facilities such as

  • computers
  • internet/wifi
  • print/photocopy /scan
  • fax
  • phone
  • community kitchen
  • gardening
  • meeting rooms

Programs and Activities at The Corner

Supporting the community further, The Corner hosts various Programs and activities that are organised by partner agencies and volunteers for the residents.

Kids & Youth programs

Seniors Programs

Health and Wellness Programs

Social Groups

Newcomer Programs

Community Capacity Building Programs

History of the Corner


Be a St. James Town Ambassador.

Placement Students

Work with us as a placement student?


Volunteering opportunities at The Corner.


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