Success Stories

To witness the harmony of people coming together to help and nurture each other really speaks to the goals and purpose of this program. The program has provided a safe space to experience joy and a sense of community.

The seniors day program has been successful in its efforts to create a community where seniors develop social connections as they increase their sense of well being and quality of life.
Service Providers

On Seniors’ Day Program

I love coming to Arts n’ Crafts because I love having fun! And making crafts is fun. They should have more crafts here!

6 years old

The Corner has been my second home for four years, and I have volunteered for over 1500 hours at this cosy hub. I started off by assisting with the seniors computer class, and then learned how to do reception to help the centre financially.

Later I started teaching at the daily homework club and realizing my passion for teaching, started my own chess and mathematics classes at the centre in 2012, which I still run today. I was also lead volunteer of the St. Jamestown Community Clean up in 2012, and have participated in various other grassroots community initiatives ever since. For my extensive efforts in the community I was rewarded by being chosen the St. James Town Festival Awards Committee Youth Representative. Furthermore I was given a $48 000 scholarship from Queens University for my community service and leadership. The corner has always been my way of giving back to the community, and this scholarship just goes to show how being altruistic and volunteering can have real palpable benefits in the long run for high school students.

I would strongly recommend the centre for any student interested in garnering volunteer experiences. The opportunities are limitless, the clientele are as diverse as they come, and the staff are accomodating, friendly, and above all, kind.
Kuhan Jeyapragasan

Youth Volunteer

At times, we seniors have a tendency to stay in for long periods without going out. Coming to the seniors group at The Corner gives us the opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a delicious lunch, have fun playing games and learn about issues that affect us. We really enjoy our time there.

On Seniors’ Day Program

Tomasz Bogosavac - Volunteer success  stories-bigI became a volunteer at St. James Town Community Corner in June 2015 after looking for a volunteer opportunity. I immediately felt that there was something special about the place, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I soon found out what it was. The staff are incredible; they excel in what they do and are a joy to work with. It’s great to be part of a place that is an epitome of good practice and community engagement.
Tomasz Bogosavac