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St. James Town Service Provider’s Network

In lieu of the Covid-19 situation, agencies and partners of the SJTSPN have made adjustments to their services. Click here for updates and information regarding service adjustments.

The St. James Town Service Provider’s Network (SJTSPN) is a network of agencies formed to bring a collaborative partnerships, community engagement and integrated service coordination approach to the community of St. James Town. SPN promotes inclusive and equitable social and economic development initiatives which delivers employment and career opportunities, social enterprise, informal economic opportunities and population specific services.

History of SJTSPN
Member Agencies

For general inquiries:

Robb Johannes (co-chair):
416.482.4103 ext. 223

Minara Begum (co-chair):
(416)364-1666 Ext. 252

St. James Town Leadership Forum 2020
Friday, November 20th

Reimagining: Our Neighbourhood. Our Collaboration. Our Impact
The SJT Leadership Forum brings together leaders from various stakeholder groups for knowledge translation, impact enhancement, and partnership development.  The event shares SJT’s unique service delivery model and impact, enables collaboration in taking our imagination, creativity and impact to the next level, and strengthens partnerships in achieving our goals and scaling up our collective work. Know more…


The St James Town Service Provider’s Network vision is to be a leader in service coordination, resident engagement and empowerment to achieve a sustainable, welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community.


The St. James Town Service Providers’ Network collaborates and coordinates stakeholders inside and outside the network to address the needs of residents and promote an inclusive and vibrant community.

We the St James Town Service Provider’s Network bring together local residents, when possible, and community agencies in welcoming and collaborative spaces to promote community well-being. To do this we collaborate and organise events, coordinate services on solutions for emerging social justice, economic well-being and population specific initiatives.

Value Statement

We are committed service coordination, integration and collaboration to achieve sustainable outcomes for a community built on trust, neighbourly care, equity and the diversity of our residents.

Core Pillars

  • Community Engagement and Advocacy

  • Neighbourhood Based Activities

  • Population Specific Activities

  • Service Coordination

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Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

Priority 1
Service Coordination

  • Reflect and focus on internal structures of the network.

  • Focus on communication, development and sharing of resources.

  • Enhance leadership and capacity building.

Priority 2
Neighbourhood Based Activities

  • Develop activities and events that are inclusive and representative.

  • Determine resources, activities, objectives and outcomes to achieve positive neighbourhood impact.

  • Create a place to call home.

Priority 3
Population Specific Activities

  • Determine the needs of specific population groups.

  • Address and respond to needs of target population with appropriate strategies & programs.

  • Enhance participation, engagement and wellbeing of population groups.

Priority 4
Community Engagement

  • Include using an inclusive model to address issues at the system level.

  • Create a resident leadership committee.

  • Coordinate policy advocacy and system change.

What we Do

The St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN) consists of service providers and community members who work collaboratively to support the St James Town community. The Network leads the development and implementation of a coordinated plan for a vibrant, safe and healthy community.

SPN Partners

The Service Provider’s Network has 35 agencies and institutions as partners providing varied services at the Town.

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SJT SPN Structure

St. James Town Festival

Every year, St. James Town residents along with the Service Providers’ Network host a festival to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and togetherness of the neighbourhood.

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History of SJTSPN

  • 1998

    SJT Working Group Formed

  • 2006

    20 Various agencies are part of coalition

  • 2007

    Youth Network and Mental Health Access group included in SJTSPN

  • 2008

    Working group became St James Town Service Provider's Network

  • 2011

    Senior's Subcommittee formed

  • 2012

    Festival and Health Access Subcommittees formed

  • 2013

    SJT Festival held.
    Revised Terms Of Reference of SPN.

  • 2014

    Safety Committee is formed. SJT Spring Gathering and other community engagement events held.

  • 2015

    Revised work plan for 2015-18

  • 2016

    Endorsement of the Collective Impact Project. Executive Leadership Committee formed to champion SJT investments.

  • 2017

    1st SJTSPN Leadership Forum held

  • 2018

    SPN and partner organizations respond to 650 Parliament and other building crisis. Monthly newsletter initiated

  • 2018

    Strategic Plan and work plan for 2018-20.
    Income generation subcommittee formed Reorganized Outreach and Community Engagement subcommittees.

  • 2019

    Joint petition to designate St. James Town as a Neighbourhood Improvement Area submitted to The City council and was unanimously passed

  • 2020

    2nd Leadership Forum held virtually