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St. James Town Leadership Forum 2020

What is SPN ?

SJTSPN has a long history of collaboration between service providers’ and residents. The St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN) started 22 years ago, in response to requests for better coordination and service planning. Today, the SJTSPN is a collection of 43 agencies and institutions that are committed to navigation, coordination, collaboration, and advocacy. Subcommittees of the SJTSPN evolve as a result of community identified needs, and include representation from residents and service providers.

Who is the Leadership ?

Leadership Forum participants include leaders and decision makers from a diverse group of stakeholders with the common vision of making St. James Town a neighbourhood of choice to call home.

Value Statement

We are committed service coordination, integration and collaboration to achieve sustainable outcomes for a community built on trust, neighbourly care, equity and the diversity of our residents.

  • Community Engagement and Advocacy

  • Neighbourhood Based Activities

  • Population Specific Activities

  • Service Coordination

What is the leadership forum ?

The SJT Leadership Forum is envisaged as an annual event bringing together leaders of the SJTSPN organizations, as well as other stakeholders that collectively impact community growth and development. The forum is an opportunity to learn about and elevate the SJT model, engage new partners who have an impact on the community, align leadership towards a shared vision for the neighbourhood, and to engage in collaborative planning and generating ideas that support the ever changing and evolving neighbourhood.

Advancing our Social Charter

The SJT Social Charter outlines a community vision and helps to guide our collective work in 4 action areas. It will be implemented by the community, SJTSPN, subcommittees, Health Access/The Corner. The Leadership Forum is also an opportunity to reflect on the social charter, identify our collective abilities, and solidify institutional support towards the advancement of the social charter and the SJTSPN.



We value our diversity and differences as a strength, and acknowledge the importance of mutual trust and reciprocity within the community.


We value close contact with friends, family and neighbours, strong social networks, so- cial gatherings and activities and that the community feels a sense of belonging.


We value the importance of our community getting involved in addressing local issues and advocating for changes through both formal (eg. voting and participation in democratic processes) and informal means (volunteering, faith or cultural groups, grassroots initiatives or organizations)

Domains / Action Areas


  • Create a culture of Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Develop Green initiatives, like gardening.
  • Champion access togreen, accessible and livable spaces.
  • Advocate to and holdpublic and private systems accountable.


  • Reduce social isolation to improve our mental and physical well being.
  • Raise awareness on health and wellbeing.
  • Support seniors to age at home in a safe environment.
  • Support youth in reaching their potential.
  • Connect communities to health care and preventative services.


  • Connect neighbours and local groups to support one another.
  • Raise awareness about safety measures and practices.
  • Work with public and private systems in improving and maintaining safe and secure building standards and neighbourhood infrastructure.


  • Create skill building opportunities that support employment.
  • Develop opportunities that promote social entrepreneurship.
  • Work with businesses and organisations to promote local hiring.

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

Priority #1:Service Coordination

  • Reflect and focus on internal structures of the network.

  • Focus on communication, development and sharing of resources.

  • Enhance leadership and capacity building.

Priority #2 Neighbourhood Based Activities

  • Develop activities and events that are inclusive and representative.

  • Determine resources, activities, objectives and outcomes to achieve positive neighbourhood impact.

  • Create a place to call home.

Priority #3 Population Specific Activities

  • Determine the needs of specific population groups.

  • Address and respond to needs of target population with appropriate strategies & programs.

  • Enhance participation, engagement and wellbeing of population groups.

Priority #4 Community Engagement

  • Include using an inclusive model to address issues at the system level.

  • Create a resident leadership committee.

  • Coordinate policy advocacy and system change.

History of the forum

The first leadership forum was held in 2017, and brought together leaders of the SJTSPN in order to highlight the work over the years.

  • Hosted on April 27, 2017
  • Representation from 25 stakeholders (public and private sectors, educational institutions, faith based organizations, politicians)
  • Focused on providing an overall context of the SJT neighbourhood and the SPN model.

Lively discussion

  • identified the struggle with SJT not being identified as a NIA
  • attendees wanting to know the key elements making the model work

Highlights of the Service Providers’ Network

  • Commitment to annual engagement and consultation events: St. James Town Festival and Spring Gathering.

  • Coordinated response to local community crises (Fires at 650 Parliament, 200 Wellesley).

  • partnering and supporting The City’s emergency response systems (e.g. red cross, office of emergency management etc.).

  • Development of a joint strategic plan for the SJTSPN.

  • Joint funding proposals supporting neighbourhood identified goals.

  • Joint application for designating St. James Town as Neighbourhood Improvement Area (NIA)


To learn about the leadership forum please contact the SJTSPN at sjtspn@stjamestown.org or please send an email to leadership@stjamestown.org

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