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The purpose of the Corner – use of space policy is to provide a clear process for booking space at the Corner. This policy reflects the mission, vision and values of the Corner. It is based on the fundamental principle of the Corner that defines all space, with the exception of offices for paid staff, as shared space. Everyone owns it and no one owns it. It applies to all available space and applies to all tenant, resident and agency users of the space. This policy is subject to change based on approval by the Corner steering committee.


  • All programs must be non-profit and non –partisan
  • All programs must be free of charge unless approved by the Steering Committee
  • All programs and services must be for and open to residents of St. James Town and inclusive in nature
  • Space in the Corner will only be used for activities that adhere to the Ontario Human rights Code
  • Activities in the space must adhere to the Corner’s Anti-oppression – Anti-racist philosophy and guidelines
  • Access to the space will be fair and equitable, consistent with our mission, vision and values and allocated using transparent principles and procedures
  • The space will be available to community members and small groups
  • Space must be booked at least two weeks in advance
  • Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis, applying the criteria and weighting as listed in the Service Partner and User Agreement applications.
  • Users must agree to periodic evaluation and tracking of usage
  • Those who book the space are responsible for keeping it clean and tidy, including removing any garbage, washing dishes, returning tables and chairs to their original place
  • As noted in the user agreement, pre-approval from the steering committee/office manager or designate is required for any change of use.
  • The Corner letterhead can be used to promote programs, activities, events taking place at the Corner, but the address is not to be used as a mailing address without prior approval from the Corner steering committee/office manager or designate.

Booking of space

  • Calendar indicating availability will be posted on the website and in the office
  • Requests can be submitted in person or online
  • Application To Use Space must be filled out
  • Bookings must be confirmed by Office Manager or her/his designate
  • Communication of available space
  • A calendar will be posted on the web site and in the reception area of the Corner
  • Use of Space policy will be posted on the web site and in the reception area of the Corner

Application forms are available online and on site at the reception of The Corner.

Download a Copy of the Spacebooking Agreement Here

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