Swimming Safety

By Lindiwe Sibanda Swimming injuries, drownings, and deaths can all be avoided by adhering to a few simple safety regulations. These laws apply to all bodies of water, including private pools and baths, as well as the beach or lake. It's crucial to use caution at home, at swimming pools, and when on [...]

Summer FREEdom

By Rowan Flood Summer is a time for long, sun-filled hours of adventure and relaxation. Toronto, in particular, is a place bustling with action and opportunity allowing for lots of summer fun. The location of St. James Town gives a unique summer experience to anyone living here. It is close to Greek town [...]

Welcome summer!

- By Yvonne Yorke - While July and August will still look different than summer’s past, embrace the opportunity to explore local. Visit the Toronto Islands. The Toronto Islands can be reached by ferry. Take in the skyline during the day or the evening sunset. Visit a farm. Yes, they do exist in [...]