World Mental Health Day

By Shirley Roberts - October 2021 -  The World Health Organization recognizes October 10th as World Mental Health Day. In 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) established World Mental Health Day in an effort to promote education and advocate for people experiencing mental health issues. This year’s theme, set by the [...]

Suicide, stigma, and seeking help

By Nina Badwal - September 2021 -  . Suicide intervention is one of the emerging priorities in St. James Town according to the St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SJTSPN).  The SJTSPN is a group of agencies that promotes equitable social and economic development initiatives and provides informal economic opportunities and population [...]

Yoga decoded

- By Aarti Sharma - Can you bend, fold, and stretch like a 5-year-old?  Well, if that idea appeals to you then roll out a yoga mat to roll in flexibility, fitness, relaxation and much more. With the 7th anniversary of International Yoga Day on June 21st, let us take a peep into [...]