World Mental Health Day

By Shirley Roberts - October 2021 -  The World Health Organization recognizes October 10th as World Mental Health Day. In 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) established World Mental Health Day in an effort to promote education and advocate for people experiencing mental health issues. This year’s theme, set by the [...]

Words matter

By Shirley Roberts - August 2021 - There is no shortage of news, dominated by world events, that is covered in our daily newspapers and through social media. News items compete for our attention through short articles by journalists who often have to keep up with the daily news cycle and looming deadlines. [...]

Creative Corner

By Leffe Monette - June 2021-  In memory of the 215 Indigenous children found buried on the grounds of a former residential school in B.C.: UNEARTHED They were there and heard you crying As you took your first breath, they welcomed you With loving arms, and hopeful dreams, Unaware of what the others [...]