Yoga decoded

- By Aarti Sharma - Can you bend, fold, and stretch like a 5-year-old?  Well, if that idea appeals to you then roll out a yoga mat to roll in flexibility, fitness, relaxation and much more. With the 7th anniversary of International Yoga Day on June 21st, let us take a peep into [...]

What is Earth Day?

By Georgina Alford - April 2021 -  . Earth day is a global movement to create awareness about the impact we have on this earth’s  natural resources and taking action to reduce our carbon footprints.   In 1970, people were becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact  of human activity. As a result, [...]

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands- A discussion with Registered Practical Nurse Marie Claud Felicien

By Raagave Kannan What is your professional role and what inspired you to get into this field?  My name is Marie Claud Felicien and I’m a Registered Practical Nurse. If I’m being completely honest, I can’t say it was a lifelong dream to become a nurse, however, once I got into the field, [...]

Staying Healthy During the Winter Months

Our topic today is how to stay healthy during the winter months. It can be challenging to eat healthy and keep active when the days are short and weather outside is chilly. Joining us today are experts from Sherbourne Health to provide us with some winter tips: Daniella Moss – Registered Nurse - Do you [...]