Do you have the next, great Bright Idea for our community?

Each year the Bright Ideas Innovation Fund of Central Neighbourhood House directs funds to start an innovative community project! At our Bright Ideas Symposium on June 4, 2016, we will “brainstorm” through fun idea generating exercises to identify what projects we would like started in our community.

(You can submit ideas whether or not you are able to facilitate the project-we can do the project in house or find a community partner if one is unable to lead a project.) The important thing is that we want to spark innovative ideas-without barriers! All ideas during this session are recorded and a committee decides at a later date which project is feasible and chosen as the next Bright Idea!

The application process is stream-lined and it is simple to apply-just one page! Individuals and organizations are invited to apply!

Please pass on this invite! I would like to personally invite you your friends to join us at our annual event on June 4, 2016 from 10-2 pm. There is no cost and the day will include a light breakfast and lunch.

Please register using the link below:
Spread the word and forward this invite to other innovative thinkers!