Bill of Rights

The Corner is committed to provide a multi-purpose community space and service hub that is accessible to all St. James Town Residents, where we can source a variety of services such as health, settlement and where we can utilize community space for a variety of needs.


Every service user at the Corner has the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • Expect that the organization will offer services that are flexible, responsive to consumer needs and delivered in such a way that strives to eliminate any form of discrimination be it race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, financial ability, disability or age.
  • Have information relating to his or her service plan kept confidential in accordance with the law.
  • Access information kept in the client record and client service plan according to Thorncliffe

Neighbourhood Office Policy

  • To request service in the language of choice, recognizing that the organization will not always be in a position to provide service in the language of choice.
  • To service free of mental, physical, emotional sexual or financial abuse
  • To refuse service where the client has been informed of and understands the effects of refusing service.
  • To be informed of the laws, rules and policies that affects the service provision.
  • To be informed of the procedure for initiating complaints about the service without fear of reprisal.


Anti-Oppression Principles and Practices*

The Corner supports the understanding that the diverse communities served by the organization contribute to the growth, enrichment and strength of the Corner and of the larger community. We are also sensitive to the fact that various oppressed groups in our communities often encounter barriers to full access and participation.

It is the policy of the Corner to provide an environment, which is free of discrimination and harassment. Members of the Corner community are entitled to fair and equitable treatment.

As an employer and service provider, the Corner will not tolerate and will address any intentional or unintentional acts of oppression towards an individual or a group of people that creates barriers to access or inclusion on the basis of race/colour, ethnicity, ancestry, religion/creed, socio-economic class, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, receipt of public assistance, political affiliation, record of offences, level of literacy, citizenship/immigration status, country of origin, religion, mental health status, age, type of housing, neighbourhood of residence, language, family status, health status, ability or any other personal characteristics in all aspects of its operation and at all levels of the organization.

The Corner is committed to ensuring that our mission and operations embrace our entire community. The Corner encourages our community to participate fully and to have complete access to our services, employment, board membership and volunteer opportunities. We will make every effort to see that our structure, policies and systems reflect all aspects of the total community and to promote equal access to all.

Values the Corner is committed to:


  • The elimination of all forms of oppression in our structures, systems, hiring practices and provision of programs.
  • Ensuring appropriate services and equitable treatment for all clients, employees and volunteers regardless of status.
  • The creation of open and affirming environments and the increasing awareness of LGBTTIQQ people.


  • Working from an inclusive, anti-racist, anti-oppression, and participatory framework.


  • Ensuring volunteers and staff are reflective of the communities we serve.
  • Ensuring accommodation on grounds under the human rights code legislation such as religion, family status, disability and others


  • Facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities by ensuring that policies and practices explicitly identify mechanisms for accessibility and accommodation.
  • Creating strategies to combat biases in beliefs and attitudes towards the capabilities of people with disabilities.


  • Examining and improving all our interactions, practices, policies and protocols, services and programs on an ongoing basis.
  • Being proactively engaged in anti-oppression training to foster anti-oppression values, attitudes, and practices.


  • Ensuring that the Coner staff, volunteers and board members are self-reflective, analyze their own behaviours and biases and make a conscious effort to be inclusive and do not cause or participate in behaviour that could be deemed to be oppressive.


  • Implementing a procedure for dealing with incidents of discriminatory behaviour as defined in this policy and the Ontario Human Rights Code.


  • Advocating for the removal of the barriers for accessing quality services.
  • Supporting other work that is committed to the elimination of oppression in all its forms.

* We have drawn on a number of organizational policies for this statement but in particular that of the Access Alliance Multicultural Health Center and Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office.