About the Neighbourhood


St James town, Toronto bounded by Sherbourne Street to the west, Bloor Street East to the north, Parliament Street to the east and Wellesley Street East to the south.

St. James Town is the largest high-rise community in Canada. It has been identified as one of 13 economically deprived neighborhoods within the city. It consists of 19 high-rise buildings (14 to 32 stories). These massive residential towers were built in the 1960s. Officially, approximately 17,000 people live in the neighborhood’s 19 apartment towers and 4 low rise buildings; but the number is thought by residents to be close to 25,000, making it Canada’s most densely populated community and one of the most densely populated neighborhoods anywhere in North America.

St. James Town was the site for Toronto‚Äôs first high-rise residential apartment towers. They were constructed in 1953 to take advantage of the coming subway. St. James Town contains eighteen high-rise apartment buildings, almost seven thousand units, and over 15000 residents, in an area of 32.1 acres. St. James Town’s population increased 23% over the past 15 years. As such, St. James Town is the most densely populated neighbourhood in Canada.

St. James Town is a high turnover community, where newcomers to Canada make up a large portion of the population. St. James Town is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic neighbourhood.