Summer FREEdom

By Rowan Flood

Summer is a time for long, sun-filled hours of adventure and relaxation. Toronto, in particular, is a place bustling with action and opportunity allowing for lots of summer fun. The location of St. James Town gives a unique summer experience to anyone living here. It is close to Greek town on the Danforth, above the beautiful Don Valley Park, and much more. A unique part of a summer in St. James Town is that you do not need to spend a lot or anything to have a memorable and meaningful time.

The Libraries. The libraries near St. James Town offer a cool place to hang out, free access to computers and a towering reading selection. There are four libraries within walking distance from St. James Town: The St. James Town location just around the corner, The Toronto Reference Library on Yonge St, The Parliament Street location and the Yorkville location. These libraries also host many ongoing events and activities. They have a list and schedule of the ongoing on their webpage with a section for kids and family, and for teenagers.

Kids and families:


The Allan Gardens. The Allan Gardens is a park containing a playground, a dog park and a conservatory offering a chance to see beautiful flowers and plants. This park is only a ten-minute walk from St. James Town but can be perfect for an afternoon picnic, a place to ride or take your skateboard, walk your dog or see some interesting plants.

The Don Valley Park. The Don Valley Park is underneath and right around St. James Town. It has multiple walking trails, streams and the potential for many summer discoveries. The park has lots of forest space for exploring, fort making or simply time away from the noise of the city. If you are into biking, there are many biking trails as well. Sometimes people need a moment of quietness and a breath of fresh air away from the routine of their daily lives and The Don Valley Park can be a place for that.

Riverdale Parks. The Riverdale Parks are a quick walk from St. James Town and have lots of green space. Bring your friends to play soccer, football or any other sport of your liking, they even have baseball diamonds. The east side of the park offers a great view of the Toronto skyline making it the perfect spot to watch the sunset and have picnics with family or friends. There is also a little cafe right near the west side of the park with ice cream, hotdogs and many more summer treats.

The Wellesley Community Center. The center is right in St. James Town and it’s a place packed with possibilities. The center has a pool, a basketball court, a ping-pong table, many youth programs and more. Their website has a list of all the different youth programs such as dance and music. Badminton, volleyball, and other sports are also offered in their drop in program.


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