Celebrating mothers

By Munira Yusuf

Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated to honour the mothers in our lives. It is observed in many parts of the world, although sometimes on a different date than it is celebrated in Canada. Mother’s Day as we know it today was created by Anna Jarvis in the 1850s to pay tribute to her mother that passed away. Throughout history, the role of the mother has been seen as a foundation and a glue that keeps the family together.

With social media, there has been an increased awareness of the struggle many faces on Mother’s Day. Not all folks share the same experiences. A post that can be commonly found circulating online during the holiday is captioned “thinking of you” which commemorates the various relationships and lived reality for many. For those with mothers who have passed away, for some that share a strained relationship, for mothers who are incarcerated, and for mothers that have lost their children.

This Mother’s Day, we recognize all mother figures, those who are seen and not seen, who do their best to uplift those around them.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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