Teachers can do virtually anything!

By Yvonne Yorke
– October 2021 –


Teachers can do VIRTUALLY anything! That’s a catchphrase seen since the start of the pandemic which forced schools to move to virtual learning. Virtual learning has definitely provided challenges for students, parents and teachers alike. It could be the challenge of learning how to navigate the Google Classroom App, internet connectivity, balancing virtual learning for one or more children with virtual work-from-home commitments or student engagement. Parents who may have thought teachers had an easy job pre-pandemic, have a new-found respect for teachers. 

Many parents sent their kids back to the classroom this school year with fingers crossed that their children would be able to finally learn amongst their peers and teachers for a full school term. While the focus is to keep everyone healthy and safe, we need to support our teachers. They’ve been doing an amazing job during the pandemic, keeping our kids (their students) as safe and as engaged as possible. Teachers, like our kids, now have the challenge of pivoting back-to-school after a long phase of remote teaching.  Tuesday, October 5, 2021 is Teachers Day in Canada. Take the time to write a kind message in your child’s agenda, email your child’s teacher or send a treat to class (if permitted). One thing we’ve learned during the pandemic is that the simplest act of kindness goes a long way. Start this school year with positive vibes – “thank you” or “we appreciate you” is certainly a wonderful start!

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