That is my pride

That is my pride

By Dorothy Schram – 

Life isn’t life, until you live in your truth

Living the Gay Life, I don’t want to hide 

Holding on to the Gay Flag, that is my proof 

With my rainbow colors, That is my Pride 

Come out of the closet, No Face to Fear 

I walk with my partner, by my side 

Holding hands in public, yes my dear 

Accepting who I am, That is My Pride

 Always my Partner, the love of my life 

The right to chooses, the other side

No more funny looks, get rid of the strife 

Proud of being Gay, That is My Pride 

The world is changing, at a fast speed 

It’s not black or white, its Rainbow colors wide 

World needs to accept, the lifestyle we lead 

Acceptance is inevitable, That is My Pride 

We hold up are flag, for the world to see 

In our Pride Parade, our people side by side

Proud of being Gay, my heart will be free 

That’s presidential change, That is My Pride 

Be true to yourself, is the message I send

Woman to woman, man to man, don’t ever hide 

To the Rainbow Flag, I say a BIG AMEN 

Because that is the truth, That is My Pride

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