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– By Dorothy Schram –

I see the youth, sitting on the street
Begging for money, for something to eat
With empty tummies, how hard can it be
When, there are so many living in poverty

A woman in despair goes to a shelter
With all her children, she is seeking beds
No materials, no possessions, has been evicted
With hopes that her family, gets fed

A man is destitute; he’s living on the street
He can’t get up, to get the help he needs
A lonely, withdrawn, a helpless human being
Yes, he’s a person living in real poverty

They call some feeding places, soup kitchen
With sandwiches, it makes a full meal
Some macaroni dinners, some wieners & beans
These luxury meals, will keep you filled

A lot of people go to their local food banks
Their pride has taken a really big blow
They need help to put food on their tables
Our family income, is at an all-time low

Lots of people, are drinking powder milk
And the “Drop-ins” are a really big deal
They clothe and feed you, basic needs and shelter
Yes, people, poverty is oh so very real

Some people have filed for bankruptcy
And they are really down on their luck
Believe me, no more middle class citizen
Yeah, being in poverty really does suck




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