Vaccinations in St. James Town!



– By Shirley Roberts –

The St. James Town (SJT) neighbourhood has been hit hard by COVID-19. Our densely  populated community has been dealing with high numbers of the virus and the associated  consequences of illness, anxiety, and grief. A recent uptick in the number of cases associated  with new variants of the virus has added to these worries. 

Each wave of viral spread in the community led to varying restrictions on our activities, ability to  socialize, go to school, work, and play. The arrival of several vaccines in Canada in the last few  months has offered some light at the end of this tunnel. Though it may take some time for  everyone to get vaccinated, vaccinations are our best hope to move us out of this pandemic. 

On the vaccination front, there is great news for St. James Town residents. A vaccination clinic  has opened at the Wellesley Community Centre. It is hoped that St. James Town residents will  take advantage of this resource right in the middle of our community.  

Residents may have many questions about vaccinations and can find answers to them in this excellent video by Dr. Warda from Sherbourne Health available in English and Urdu. In plain language, Dr. Warda explains the differences amongst the various vaccines  available, their safety and effectiveness against the variants and the long-term impact. 



Evolving information about the AstraZeneca vaccine can be found here

Additional information about vaccinations in several languages can be found here. How to Book an Appointment: Online at 

If you need assistance you can call The Corner’s vaccine hotline at 416-347-0943.

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