Valentine’s Day – The Celebration of Love

By Yvonne Yorke

love, noun: strong affection/attraction arising from association, personal ties, admiration or common interests. As a verb: to cherish, thrive or take pleasure. (reference Meriam-Webster)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, February 14, 2021. “The day” to express your love. What is important to remember though is that love does not have to be romantic. All relationships are important. And why should love be expressed only once in a year? The need to feel love is especially important now more than ever. This year, we encourage you to consider expressing your love in more unconventional ways:

Love yourself 

Begin a stream of consciousness. Journal. Write a love letter to yourself. Start with writing 20 wonderful things about yourself and what you are grateful for. Make a vision board. Commit to “yes” rather than “no” (all from Rebecca, the519). Treat yourself to breakfast instead of dinner. Do something for yourself. If you have a musical instrument or art supplies you haven’t used in a while, unpack them and put them to use.  Engage your senses. Take a nap. Watch a comedy show. Dance like nobody’s watching!

Love your pet

Go for an extra walk or two. Take time to play with your pet. Some game suggestions from Kallie Milleman, SPCA: have your pets chase a laser light; hide and seek with toys or treats; tug of war; paper cup game (hide a treat under one of three paper cups, mix up cups and see if your pet can sniff out the treat). Give them extra pets or cuddle time. It’s good for both you and your pet!

Love your Community

Volunteer. Contact local charities to see what virtual outreach is available. Make a meal, share a meal. Call or write those you have not connected with in a while (maybe a long while), or those you know who are feeling lonely during this time of isolation. Walk. Toboggan. Create connections between generations. Share music. Share books. Share games. Share your time!

To honour the memory of Vickie Rennie, founder of both the Bleecker and Wellesley Activity Network (BWAN) and the ‘For the Love of Seniors’ annual Valentine’s Day event, activity packages complete with Valentines treats are being put together collaboratively through the St. James Town Community Corner ,the BWAN and Medallion cooperation . We expect to distribute 200 packages to seniors within the community.

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