Older Adults & The Pandemic – What can be done better?

We had a panel of three community service providers who discussed the impact of extreme heat on seniors, how this is compounded by the pandemic, how organizations serving St. James Town are finding innovative ways to support seniors, and how seniors can access these resources. Our first panelist is Veronica who represents Central Neighbourhood House/The Neighbourhood Group. Veronica has been working in the community as a program director with TNG for 4 years and has been a member of The Corner Steering Committee since 2015. She will be addressing the ways service providers continue to support older adults during COVID-19. Our second panelist is Norma from Progress Place. She is the Lead of the Seniors Day Program at The Corner, a member of the Corner’s Operations Team and the Co Chair of the Older Adult Consortium. She will be addressing the effects of extreme heat on seniors’ health and ways to reduce these risks. Our last panelist is Jacklyn, who is the Program Manager and Special Events Coordinator at Sunshine Centres for Seniors. She will be highlighting ways seniors can participate during the summer through virtual programming. 

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