Meet the New Corner Staff!

Alaa Mohamed

Alaa joined The Corner @240 as a Community Resource Worker. Alaa was born in Toronto but lived most of her life in Sudan. After completing her graduation, she came back to Canada in 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with specialization in Education Counselling. Alaa is passionate to work with communities and loves helping people. Her past experience includes working on initiatives to educate rural women about mental and physical health. She has also worked alongside youth helping and supporting them to find their passion and purpose.

Alaa started off as placement student at The Corner and later on continued to support The Corner in various roles. Her new role as Community Resource Worker gives her the opportunity to interact with and engage residents.  She describes herself as someone who is creative, spiritual and loves to help people. Her hobbies include poetry in Arabic and English, working on short films. She says she is highly invested in raising awareness on mental health. We welcome Alaa to The Corner family.

Valdecir Antonio Oliveira

Antonio joined The Corner @240 as a Community Fixer in the month of April. Antonio is an IT and computer specialist with over 17 years of experience in the field. Antonio has an educational background in software engineering, game developing, mathematics and electronic engineering. He has previously worked in various organizations across Brazil including the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia. He has experience working on sophisticated systems like electronic voting machines.

Antonio is a newcomer to Canada from Brazil. He is an energetic, fun loving individual who likes to keep himself busy. He joined the Corner @240 as a volunteer fixer and now leads the initiative’s computer and laptop maintenance and fixing. His hobbies include gaming, game developing and biking. We welcome Antonio aboard.

Renato F Vicarme

Renato Joined The Corner in April as a Community Fixer at the 240 Location.  Renato comes with a varied and diverse background in his profession. He has had international experience working in the Philippines, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and now Canada. His experience involves working with complex machines, computers, electronics, carpentry, plastering, dry walling etc. He also served in an international film production company working with complex and high end film production equipment and their maintenance. Renato holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Renato is a Filipino and came to Canada 14 years ago. He describes himself as a simple, quiet and friendly man. He loves working on community driven initiatives and working with people in general. Renato came as a participant for a Repair workshop at The Corner @240. He was motivated after coming to know about the 240 initiative and the ideas of sharing and reusing. We welcome Renato to The Corner family.

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