The New Common Volunteer Program

Can you tell us about the meal program and what services it provides as well as who it serves in the community? 

The meal program is a program where we deliver home cooked meals to residents of the St. James Town community. We primarily deliver meals to seniors and those individuals who are isolated and vulnerable. 

Can you tell us about some safety measures that you take to minimize this risk? 

Volunteers wear face masks and gloves and practice social distancing practices during deliveries. The volunteers also deliver meals in pairs so as to never be alone adding extra security. 

Why do you feel that this meal program is necessary for the St. James Town Community? 

This program is necessary for this time in order to protect those vulnerable and isolated in this community. It allows the community to come together to help those who need it the most.

What prompted you to volunteer to assist with this program? 

I am one of the directors of The New Common, and as a director I actively look out for opportunities to partner with community members and organizations to find ways to help the community. In this case The Corner reached out to The New Common to provide volunteers for the meal program and I thought it was a great initiative. The partnership and the program have been very fruitful. 

How do you personally feel about the situation at hand? Do you have any thoughts or words of advice you’d like to share?

These are uncertain and unprecedented times, but I believe there is no need for us to panic. We need to be here for one another and continue to support and encourage each other. The community should come together during this time in solidarity, share important resources and look out for one another.

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