Repair During Despair

The Corner @240 earlier known as the 240 Share & Reuse Space continues to be open for residents during the pandemic. The idea is to enable residents to stay home and practice social distancing while being able to comfortably carry out their day-to-day activities. 

During these times it is difficult to find places where you can fix and repair your broken items. Some of these items might be ones that you depend on every day, like a blender, vacuum cleaner or your TV or laptop that you use for entertainment. With no certainty on how long containment measures continue, we need to find ways to support each other while we continue to practice physical distancing

Residents can bring their broken items to The Corner@240, Monday to Friday between the hours of 12 and 6 PM, and our fixers will work on the item after 48 hours. The waiting time is to prevent any kind of potential contamination. Items that are currently being fixed at The Corner include home and electronic appliances, computers and laptops, watches, small pieces of furniture, bikes, umbrellas and jewelry. We have suspended sewing and mending services temporarily.

The Library of Things, including the tool library, has been suspended temporarily. However, tools are still being lent to residents of 650 Parliament who are moving back to their apartments after more than a year and a half.

Apart from the repair services at The Corner, residents also have access to online repair consultations being done in partnership with Repair Cafe Toronto. A fixer will guide you over the phone or online to fix your item or provide you with support and advice. Our fixers and volunteers are also providing online support to fix and troubleshoot computers and laptops and also provide technical know how as there is an increased usage of online services.

Growing your own food has never made more sense than now. Starting on the 1st of May an online food growing workshop will be initiated in partnership with Minikaan. The workshop is a great way to start growing your own food and also to engage your kids during these times. Please register in advance to be part of the workshop.

For any queries regarding repairs or other support reach out to us at or call us at 416 964 6657*240. We encourage residents to make their trips to The Corner at the same time as your other essential trips and stay home to protect yourself and others.

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