A Resident’s Gratitude

Celia is a 72 year old senior living in the St. James Town community. She fell down and broke both of her legs a few months ago and is currently in a wheelchair. Celia often calls The Corner to express her gratitude for the support she gets.

A few words from Celia:

“The meal program has been excellent! I find the food delicious, the portions filling and the packaging of great quality. The food provides a healthy and balanced meal. The volunteers are very professional and friendly. They are very respectful of social distancing and safety practices as they always keep a safe distance and wear gloves and masks when delivering. 

As a person with a disability and as a widowed senior, it is impossible for me to procure my own food during this quarantine. It is therefore a great relief that I have this program as most of my meal needs are taken care of. I only have to worry about breakfast because my snacks, lunch and dinner are prepared and delivered to me. 

Programs like this are needed right now because there are many vulnerable and isolated people and people living with disabilities in this community. These people can’t get the resources they need by themselves because of the issues they face and because the situation at hand forces them to remain home bound.”

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