‘Go Green’ – Reuse Recycle Reduce.

We at the community corner welcome the New Year by Going Green. January 2020 – ‘Go Green’ – Reuse Recycle Reduce.

The United Nations (UN) declared 2020 the ‘International Year of Plant Health’. Capping off the ‘Decade on Biodiversity’, the UN continues to recognize and promote healthy ecosystems as a key to sustainable development. 

The beginning of the year is when most resolutions and goals are made, however to follow through and make them happen is a challenge faced by many. It’s been a while since we at the Community Corner started are own initiatives in our own little ways, to save the environment and we will carry them forward to January 2020.

Natural calamities and disasters are on the rise, one of the most recent being the Australian wildfires where large swathes of the country were devastated. All this has been exacerbated by persistent heat and drought, and many point to climate change as a factor making natural disasters go from bad to worse.

There is little or nothing much we can do when a disaster strikes hard but we can certainly follow little practises daily to help prevent such disasters from happening. We need to ‘Be the Change’ to make the change, starting from ‘ME’ and making it ‘WE’.

Every person, every little green act, every day. To Go Green goes a long way to help save our earth, our environment. 

So, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go where? 😊 Let’s Go Green.

– Lovlyn Dsouza (Member – The Corner Steering Committee) 

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