Habits Matter – How to Set Healthy Goals for 2020

Feeling like you want to improve your life through exercise, stress reduction, healthy eating, smoking less, sleep quality or anything else? 

Steps to setting a goal or ‘Action Plan’: 

  • Choose something you want to do (not what someone else wants you to do)
  • Make it as specific and realistic as possible 
  • Answer the questions: ‘What’, ‘How Much’, and ‘When’
  • Feel confident you can achieve your goal


  1. I plan to walk for 30 min on Mon – Wed – Fri
  2. I plan to have a meatless, plant based protein dinner three days per week, starting next week.

These are examples of specific, measurable and achievable goals. Once you feel like you have implemented the plan consistently for a period of time, such as one month, you can set another action plan to put in place. You will gain motivation to continue with each success no matter how small it is. Change takes time and effort but each little change adds up to a big impact!

Make your health goals Green for 2020! Each of the examples provided above such as walking and eating plant-based protein meals helps reduce your impact on the environment (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) while making a positive impact on your health! 

From the Diabetes Education Program at St. James Town Community Corner (Tuesdays 9am-12pm)

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