Career Guidance for St. James Town Youth

On Friday January 24, 2020, St. James Town (SJT) Partners held their first ever event at the St. James Town Corner. Dr. James Aw, chief medical officer at OMERS and former chief medical officer at Medcan Health, came to speak to high school students. Dr. Aw told the story of his family’s immigration from South Korea when he was a young child, their adaptation to North America, and his subsequent rise though universities and corporate medicine. This discussion got everyone thinking about their personal goals and the ways in which they can start working towards them. Ultimately, SJT Partners is an initiative created to guide youth towards achieving their dreams. 

The SJT Partners’ program encompasses the promotion of awareness of the long-term benefits of a post-secondary education geared towards the careers of the future. In addition, this program will facilitate access to adult role models who are engaged in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors for direct advice in specific career paths. Specifically, SJT Partners will provide guidance about long-term career development and the initial steps required, how to apply for an internship, how to start a business, what top Canadian, U.S. and international graduate schools are looking for and how to prepare your candidacy. The broader goal of the SJT Partners program is to bridge the gap between the St. James Town community and the nearby communities in Toronto. 

– Sophie Shepherd (15), St. James Town Partners co-founder

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