Fun Way to Learn Photography

Introduction to Photography is a course that is offered to the community of St. James Town, through The Corner. It allows children to grasp the basic concepts of taking a picture and understand photography as an art form. This course breaks down the theories, styles, importance of different expressions, and significant terms that are used in the art of photography. Throughout the course, students partake in activities that enhance their understanding of the language of photography, all while developing the skills to operate a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR).

Some activities include showing students how to paint a picture using real paint and canvas, while using different styles to capture a photo. The styles can be a time lapse shot, a vintage look shot, and even just a normal portrait shot. This sort of activity brings together the simple act of painting a picture with the modern way of creating a picture into one incredible masterpiece. Students can then upload their pictures to their own personal and customizable online portfolios, created with our help. There are many more activities like this that will develop and enhance the students’ photography skills. For beginners or even experts, this class brings out the fun of learning a new skill.

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