St. James Town Seniors Consortium

Over the past two years, the Seniors Sub-Committee of the Service Providers’ Network (SPN) scaled up to form the Older Adult Consortium of St. James Town. The Consortium comprises representatives from service providers, local senior group leaders, and residents that work together. The Consortium works to identify and support older adults living in the community.

Members of the Consortium meet on the first Wednesday of each month at The Corner. The Consortium is co-chaired by Veronica MacDonald from The Neighbourhood Group and Norma Khandaker from Progress Place.

The objectives of the Consortium are:

  1.  To build on expertise in the field, including prevention and health promotion.
  2. To ensure that older adults are connected and engaged and have a support mechanism essential to ensure healthy aging.
  3. To enhance the model of integrated care for older adults.
  4. To provide educational workshops, seniors’ forums & social get-together for seniors.
  5. To work collectively with the different cultural groups of seniors from St. James Town: sharing programs, having a shared calendar, and developing innovative ways of caring for older adults.

The highlights of this past year were: providing monthly workshops at 55 Bleecker Street, conducting a number of events for seniors, having joint meetings with all groups serving seniors, launching an interpretation project to remove barriers to participation and engaging seniors in the development of programs and outreach initiatives. These accomplishments resulted in better coordination of services for marginalized seniors.

The Older Adult Consortium can be reached at 416 458 9616.

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