St. James Town Holiday Party

On the 18th of December, St. James Town residents celebrated the holidays together at a party organised at The Corner. The gathering was attended by more that 300 residents and each and everyone had a gala time, especially it was the kids who had a lot to cheer about.

More than 30 volunteers including residents, and members from partner organisations like Medallion, Bell Canada, 51 Division Neighbourhood Officers, Trinity Life Church, Progress Place Clubhouse, St.Paul’s Church, Flavours From Our Neighbours helped in setting up the place and making all the necessary arrangements.

While volunteers were busy setting up the space inside, residents had already started lining up outside. This was despite the fact that it was a freezing cold that night.

Thanks to Bell Canada, 51 Division Neighbourhood Officers, KPMG Canada, all the kids who attended the gathering were given toys as Christmas gifts. Kids also got mittens knitted by family members of  51 Division Neighbourhood Officers.

Kids loved taking pictures with Santa, which was without a doubt the highlight of the evening, thanks to Medallion Corp. For several newcomer families, it was their first Christmas experience with Santa, gifts and Carols. Members from Trinity Life Church lit up the environment with beautiful carols through out the gathering.

Medallion also made sure their were engaging activities for kids like face painting and games. Several resident volunteers also joined in face painting and in engaging the kids.

No Christmas party is complete without a warm and delicious dinner. Our partners Medallion Corp. Progress Place, Trinity Life Church, The Neighbourhood Organisation (TNO) were kind enough to offer dinner for residents which included some delicious turkey, cookies, juice among others.

Thanks to all our wonderful residents, volunteers, partners and individuals who dedicated their time, effort and resources towards the event. It was without doubt one of the best neighbourhood gatherings to happen in 2019.

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