A Volunteer Story

I am Dr. Priyal Goenke. I arrived in Canada six months ago with my husband. I grew up in the city of Nagpur in India, where I was working as a dentist.  My husband was offered work at St. Michael Hospital for a year-long clinical fellowship. I left my job and joined him to come to Canada, though I knew it would be difficult for me to leave my job and stay at home for a year.

I was very fortunate that one of my friends introduced me to the St. James Town Community Corner (The Corner).  Since then, I have been volunteering at The Corner for different activities and events. Engaging with the community and contributing my time and skills, I have felt that my days have been productive. It has helped me adjust well in Canada. I have helped with outreach activities, face painting activities and planning events.

The best thing about Canada is that you can start over and over again.  Even though you may not find things to do in your field, you might be able to contribute to other things. I always wanted to give back and help the community and this was great opportunity for me to spend my time and skills. It was great journey for me to explore my own strengths and use my time giving back to the community.

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