In Conversation with Medallion Corp

Meddallion Corp is one the major property owners in St. James Town with 4 high rises and several town houses in the neighbourhood. We spoke to Yvonne from Medallion to know more about them and how they feel being part of the St. James Town community.

  • Tell me about your cooperation and your presence in St. James Town?

I am a Senior Property Manager working together with two Property Managers for the 12 buildings that belong to Medallion in the St. James Town Community. Our total Suite count in the community is 2353, I have worked in the St. James Town Community now for almost 11 years, starting at our Sherbourne Street property which now consists of 4 buildings and 32 town homes.

  • What is your “ideal community?” How does your organization’s values and vision work towards achieving it?

One with diversity, great neighbours and convenience! Medallion prides itself on building in diverse neighbourhoods such as St. James Town. In fact our Rose Park property located at Parliament/Howard is one of the first properties they ever built (under Belmont) and that was circa 1950. That property still has many tenants who are the original residents. We were able to celebrate all of them with a luncheon and if you ask them why they have stayed as long as they have, the most common answer, aside from the site staff, is the convenience for transportation; walking distance to groceries, medical appointments, etc. This location served them well in their younger years and continues to serve them well regardless of age.

  • What is the difference in St James Town community compared to other areas you are operating in?

We are very fortunate to have access to all of the community services that exist in St. James Town, especially The Corner. It’s really a one stop shop. In addition to the St. James Town buildings I oversee, I also manage properties in the north end of Toronto and the East end of Toronto. Access to, or knowledge of, community services are very limited in those areas, even though they do exist. The Corner has been very helpful in putting me in contact with relevant organizations in those neighbourhoods when some very unfortunate incidents took place. It is nice to see that boundaries in that regard do not exist and I think it is important to recognize how very important the Corner is and how lucky the community is to have access to it. So we welcome any opportunity we have to promote it and to talk about the model it can be for other areas.

  • What are some of the initiatives that you have taken  to ensure the safe living environment in your buildings  ?

Building a sense of community. We try to participate in any community event. We host events for our residents such as breakfasts, summer barbecues, etc. These are opportunities for people to get to know their neighbours and to feel like they are part of a community. As populated as St. James Town is, I have learned that it is a very tight knit community with people really looking out for each other and truly caring about where they live. Educating residents on safety procedures such as “no key, no entry”; fire prevention and maintaining clean/clear balconies are very important to us and we enforce those policies as much as possible.

  • In your opinion, what are some of the things residents of St. James Town can do better to make this community “a neighbourhood of choice to call home”?

I think it is important to get out and about. Even if it is just for a walk.

  • Anything else you would like to share with the community?

Medallion is proud to be part of the St. James Town Community. We are pleased to support the community in any way that we can. We do our best to set an example and to be an example. Medallion is built on the tradition of excellence that began over 60 years ago.  Medallion Corporation believes in greatness and making a difference that improves lifestyles. We are committed to the highest standard in maintaining and caring for our assets and residents.

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