Seniors Day Program 7th Anniversary Celebrations

The Seniors Program celebrated its 7th anniversary on November 28th, 2019.  Over 30 members and staff came in to join in the celebration at the Corner. We went down memory lane, and compared the start of the program to how much we’ve grown over the years. Members appreciated the program and how much they enjoy attending it. We enjoyed watching a slide show of the program activities over the last five years. Music, games, dancing, food and fun were had by all.

Some of the testimonials made by the group were:

  • “This program is therapeutic for me and helps to reduce stress”.
  • “I enjoy the friendships, meals, games and the warm and welcoming feeling”.
  • “I love the program and appreciate it. Thank you for having a program like this.”
  • “This program is an important part of my life!”
  • “I look forward to coming each day, meeting my friends, socializing and being happy”.
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