The Corner and its Governance

The day to day activities of The Corner are planned and implemented by a dedicated team of staff and managers. This team has a can-do spirit that ensures that programs and services are operational and responsive to community needs six days per week. Without them The Corner could not exist.

Behind the scenes, however, is another group of dedicated people who volunteer their time to provide overall guidance to the mission and vision of The Corner. These individuals sit on a Steering Committee which makes up a key part of the governance framework for The Corner. This framework depends on a successful partnership between Toronto Community Housing (TCH) as the landlord, The Neighbourhood Office (TNO) as the trustee that assumes legal and financial oversight and a Steering Committee that ensures local community input.

A critical component of this governance model is diverse steering committee representation by tenants of TCH and residents and service providers who live and/or work in St. James Town. The community had often expressed disappointment with the sense that the full diversity of voice has not always been heard.

The steering committee as the governance body of the St. James Town Community Corner is made up of thirteen members. Five members represent service providers and eight members represent tenants and residents. The unequal representation was deliberate in its objective of addressing the real and perceived power imbalance between agency and tenant/resident participants. The committee is co-chaired by a representative from tenants/residents and a representative from community agencies.

The role of the Steering Committee is to develop policies, guidelines and terms of reference for how The Corner implements its vision, mission and values. It develops and monitors a three year strategic plan to ensure that The Corner is responsive to community issues. Most important is the role of representatives to be the eyes and ears of their diverse communities.

If you would like to apply for a position on the steering committee please visit The Corner for an application.

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