Fall Party for Kids

On the 30th of October, fall and Halloween party was organised for the kids in the neighbourhood. The event was organised by The Corner in partnership with Medallion Corp, landlords of 12 buildings in St . James Town.

The Medallion team arrived at The Corner early to help with the set up and to decorate the space. The team also provided necessary items for arts and crafts activity, pumpkins for pumpkin carving and fruits and snacks for participants.

The kids loved pumpkin crafts and all of them got to take home the pumpkin they worked on and decorated. Volunteers and organisers were there all along to help the kids with the decorations. It was evident the kids loved the unique experience, especially for the ones new to Canada, this was their first Halloween experience.

It was amazing to see the little ones dressed in all their cute costumes. Thanks to fairly pleasant weather, they were able to come in their Halloween costumes without much hassle.

Resident volunteers Priyal and Deeksha had set up face paintings for the kids. Like true professional artists, the kids sat their patiently as their faces were painted as per their choice. Kids also had the option of temporary face tattoos , thanks to Medallion, who brought along a tattoo artist.

Participants enjoyed taking photos with the Halloween frames. It was heart warming to see several participants take family pictures trying to create memories. Over 150 residents participated in the event along with their kids. Thanks to our volunteers, staff and Medallion corp for organising this wonderful get together.

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