Appreciating our festival volunteers

Here at St James Town, we like to recognize the contributions and efforts of our volunteers and we understand that even during our busiest times, it is incredibly important that we take the time to stop and give thanks. Over the years, we have had many volunteers join us from all different backgrounds and specializations which has contributed to the diversity of our team.

For this year’s volunteer appreciation event, held in The New Commons on Oct 17th, we invited this year’s volunteer who helped us organise the SJT Festival on the 7th of Sept. The aim was to have them all over for a nice dinner with lots of fun and engagement. Volunteers were welcomed with an icebreaker session followed by some fun and games. The event was complete with food from’ Flavours from our Neighbours’, activities, and discussion while volunteers also had the opportunity to mingle with one another during the event and to take part in a raffle draw where winners got to take home a coffee plant. 

We had the pleasure of giving awards to some of the volunteers and partners that have done amazing work with The Corner. A special mention to Lady of Lourdes Church and Mandi Restaurant for their generous support during the festival. 

“We are not residents of SJT, but we commute here. We usually volunteer and take part in other community events such as Spring Gathering or the St. James Town Festival. We enjoy actually doing something for the community and we get to interact with people. The SJT community is very diverse.” – Labeeba and Aadeeba

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