Institute for Change Leaders

On September 12, in a special seminar facilitated by former MP and founder of the Institute for Change Leaders, Olivia Chow, members of the St. James Town community were provided useful tips on how they can become effective leaders for change. The workshop was conducted at the New Common in St. James Town. With a focus on storytelling, the seminar gave space for members to share their stories with one another and to learn how they can utilize their voices to achieve results for their community.

Participants took part in a storytelling exercise where each one tried to inspire others with a story. While each story was different, many echoed the same sentiments in wanting more for a community that has demonstrated much potential and resiliency over the years. Through a combination of passion and practicality, the seminar emphasized the importance of understanding how our stories can be a driving force towards building relationships, fostering leadership, and implementing change.

The seminar invited members to think critically on why they do the work that they do and to self-reflect on their lives, the lives of others, and the urgency in taking action in the present. Overall, despite being a crash course of a much longer workshop, the seminar left many motivated to seek out others with the same desire to make change in their own community. Several residents who actively lead initiatives in the neighbourhood attended the workshop along with The Corner staff.

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