A word from Maheswari – SJT Festival Resident Co-chair.

I am Maheswari Kannan and I was the resident Co-chair for the St. James Town Festival 2019. It was a great experience for me to work as the Co-chair to work in partnership with St. James Town community. It was a unique experience working with different members from the community and to have authentic conversations with them. One of my favorite parts of working with the festival committee was being able to bounce ideas off others and it was the perfect platform to do that. It was amazing to note how everyone found it important to listen to the new ideas or suggestions which came from various team members and everyone was encouraged to contribute on their own. With such a diverse group of residents in the neighbourhood, there was no dearth of ideas that were influenced from varied cultures and traditions.

This is my first experience working with different people from different backgrounds in Canada which helped me to learn a lot more about different people, their values, cultures, and belief systems. This was very helpful for me to develop and build leadership skills. I want to thank everyone for giving me an opportunity to work as a Co-chair in St. James Town Festival 2019 and thank you for nominating me for the best Newcomer appreciation award. I feel honored and proud to be part of the St. James Town community. I am looking forward to sharing my contributions in the coming years as well.

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