1 Year of 650 Parliament Fire

21st August 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of the 650 Parliament fire. Some of the tenants of 650 organized a vigil on the 20th of Aug, with Corner staff and community members in attendance.

While residents are not yet able to return to their homes, this past year has shown the strength and resilience of SJT in working together, in supporting one another, and in advocating for what the community wants and needs. 

This year we demonstrated what we, a collection of agencies and community members, can accomplish when we work together: advocating for a NIA designation, developing a neighbourhood crisis response strategy, advocating for harm reduction supports in the community, forming tenant associations, community members and agencies working together to support residents through building crises, and much more! 

As we continue our collective efforts, we also pause to reflect on what has happened and the tremendous impact it had on peoples’ lives. This was also be supported through this year’s SJT festival theme- Stronger Together and Resilient.

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